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Ununbium Properties


The Ununbium has a closed-shell electronic structure with a filled outer 7s orbital, which can leads to the presence of properties of noble gas, rather than those for mercury. the described herein properties were studied on the Ununbium-283 atoms, which where synthesized in series of reactions:

24294Pu + 4820Ca -> 287114Uuq + 31n
287114Uuq -> 283112Uub + α

The comparison of adsorption characteristics of Ununbium atoms on the gold surface to that of mercury and radon, reveals that Ununbium is very volatile and, unlike the noble gas, displays metallic interaction with the gold surface with amalgam formation. This behavior is typical for the elements from group 12 of the periodic table.

Another interesting theoretical question – is the Ununbium gas or liquid at the room temperature? From the trends of melting and boiling within the group 12 of periodic table: Zinc (420°C, 907°C), Cadmium (321°C, 767°C) and Mercury (-39°C, 357°C) it is possible to propose that Ununbium is a liquid at the room temperature.

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