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The Ununbium is a super-heavy atom and is the heaviest atom with studied properties to the end of 2007. The longest observed half-life period for this element is only 240 microseconds, after which Ununbium decays through the emission of α-particles to Darmstadtium. That is why the isolation of this element in chemical quantities probably never be achieved, but despite this the studies of chemical and physical properties of this element are very important to understanding of relativistic impact on the periodic law, because of electrons in orbitals with a high probability density near the nucleus are accelerated by the large nuclear charges to relativistic velocities, which results in increasing of their binding energies with subsequent orbital contraction. This leads to more efficient screening of the nuclear charge and can be related with destabilization of the outer d and f orbitals. These changes in electrons orbitals can give rise unexpected chemical properties. Furthermore, the successful synthesis of the element 112 unambiguously establish the approach to the island of stability of super-heavy elements. All these knowledges were discovered with the help of these super-heavy atoms.

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